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ALUDUCT has been specifically designed for carrying water supply and central heating pipework in floating and cement screed floors.

Manufactured in aluminium, 2mm thick, ALUDUCT is immensely strong and easy to work with. Complies fully with Water Authority Bylaw 58, providing easy access to pipework at all times, for testing and inspection. Aluduct is manufactured in 3 metre lengths, however we can cut to size on request.

Labour saving and cost effective - plumber able to complete job totally after other trades have finished. Prevents pipes being damaged by other trades and allows plumber to see all pipe work, saving time when testing.
Allows shortest route possible to be taken without weakening the floor

. Unique internal lip allows original floor or insulating board to be replaced following installation.
. ALUDUCT can be fitted after the floating floor and radiators are in place
. Suitable for all floating floors
. Suitable for cement screed floors
. Easily anchored to prevent the duct from lifting in screed floors
. Easy access to check for leaks following pipe installation
. No expensive accessories required
. ALUDUCT can be used as a straight edge for cutting out purposes
. Pipes can be sweated without danger of heat-buckling (as can occur with plastic ducting) Heat conducts along aluminium thus preventing heat spots. Pipes have room for expansion when hot water starts to flow through, preventing possible pipe fracture.
. Once ALUDUCT has been nailed back to the chipboard it maintains the floor's floating ability.
. Prevents costly insurance claims, as leaks easily identified and accessible. No digging up of floors required,
. Prevents extensive work to find leak and disruption to householder.

. Complies with the planned statutory building control regulations/water bye laws.
. Improves efficiency and flexibility on plumbing installations.
. Pipework and cabling made readily accessible.
. Is simply installed and easily cut to size with very low wastage.
. A range of connection pieces are available to aid installation.
. Aluduct is immensely strong and rigid, manufactured from 6063 T6 extruded aluminium to BS 1474.
. Can be surface treated for any special installations.

Do not bury pipes under floating floors. Leaking pipes can go undetected for a number of years leading to very expensive construction repairs.
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December 1st 2017

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