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Drainage System for Low-level Thresholds

Designed by Mayfield Manufacturing Ltd in the 1990’s to comply with building regulations for a drained, vented area in front of low-level thresholds.

  • Allows access for all wheelchair users.
  • Made from high quality aluminium extrusion, Aludrain is easy to fit and cost effective. It fits any size threshold, old or new, and to any exterior surface.
  • Can be supplied in specific length required.
  • Has a ribbed edge for sealing to the threshold.
  • Can be supplied with a drain outlet for connection to on-site drainage system.
  • Easy to handle and with a high quality finish should be the first choice for UPVC door fitters.
  • Suitable for any domestic or commercial use.

Aludrain meets all regulatory requirements for a well-drained and vented area in front of Low Level Thresholds. It is suitable for all residential, commercial and industrial entrances where LLT drainage is needed.